Thanks to all of you, I had a wonderful time and enjoyed talking in English with you all! :)

We talked about this TED talk.
Try something new for 30 days

Here are the questions and my answers.
1. What did he learn while doing these 30-day challenges?
1. Instead of the months flying by, forgotten, the time was much more memorable.
2. As he started to do more and harder 30-day challenges, his self-confidence grew.
3. If you really want something badly enough, you can do anything for 30 days.
4. When he made small, sustainable change, things he could keep doing, they were more likely to stick.
2. What have you ever tried to do for 30 days in a row?
About three years ago, I watched this TED for the first time, I tried to get up early and took online English lessons.
FYI, I learned at Langrich
I also updated this blog for 30 days last month!(I forgot to mention)
3. What kind of challenge will you start with in your life?
I weaned my daughter at the end of last year and finally can sleep for long periods of time, so I'd like to try to get up early again!
What is your New Year's resolution?
Mine is to spread happiness around me! :)
FYI, here is the article about 8 Easy Ways To Spread Happiness Around You.

Here are some new words we learned and example sentences.
専門用語 jargon / technical term
助産師 midwife
帝王切開 Caesarean section/operation
陣痛 labor pain / contraction
My contractions are about __ minutes apart.
contractions at intervals of __ minutes.
破水する My water break
おしるし bloody show
溺れる almost drown / be drowning
That's not swimming, that's just drowning.
差別 discrimination
差別的表現 discriminatory expression
血糖値 blood sugar level
振替レッスン make up lesson
Can we do a make up lesson for when I was absent?
Can I get a make-up class on another day for the English class that I missed?
rebook/reschedule a lesson from Monday to Tuesday
have/attend a Monday lesson on Tuesday instead
be __ months pregnant
sleep/fall asleep at one’s desk
lay on one’s face
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ついに読み終えたBrand New Readers!!
昨年9月に購入したこちらのBrand New Readers Blue Set

以前書いた通りあと2冊というところで止まっていたんですが、CliffordやHop on Popがある程度読めるようになった影響か今日久しぶりに自分から「読んでみよう!」と言い出して、読んでみたらなんと2冊とも読めました~!!以前読んだ本もちゃんと読めいていました(^o^)

Brand New Readers Red Set

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自分で絵本を読み出しました!CliffordとHop on Pop
自分で読み始めるきっかけ Brand New Readersの記事に書いた次に買おうと思っていた本Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Funをお友達が貸してくれました!!


その影響か今まで何度も図書館で借りているDr. SeussHop on Popの絵本を久しぶりに借りたらこれも自分で読み出しました!!


『Hop on Pop』は初版が1963年だが、子どもに読み方を教える本として今でも愛読されている好書である。スース博士の広大な作品体系に共通していることだが、子どもの読む力を開発するために、博士はここで簡単なワンシラブルのリズムを作り出している。この作品は出版当初からすでに斬新で、それは今でもこの本の魅力なのだが、スースは初級本にありがちな退屈な絵と文章を排したのである。それまでのものとは対照的に、イラストが奔放ですばらしい。そして絵に付けられた言葉は、簡単でありながら楽しいおとぼけに満ちている。
たとえば、"THREE TREE/ Three fish in a tree / Fish in a tree? / How can that be? " と、まるまる太った3匹の魚の絵。まん丸トリオがまん丸の木枝に得意げにとまっているのを、2人の犬ウサギ人間があっけにとられた困惑顔で見上げている絵が、言葉のリズムを生き生きとしたものにしている。『Hop on Pop』は子どもに言葉の基本構造を教えるだけではなく、ほかにはくらべられない読書の喜びにも子どもを誘ってくれる。就学前幼児向け。


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If You Give...

If You Give a Pig a Pancake
If you give a pig a pancake, she'll want some syrup to go with it. You'll give her some of your favourite maple syrup, and she'll probably get all sticky, so she'll want to take a bath. She'll ask you for some bubbles. When you give her the bubbles...

If You Give a Dog a Donut
If you give a dog a donut, he’ll ask for some apple juice to go with it.
When you give him the juice, he’ll drink it all up.
Then, before you can say “Woof” . . . Dog is off on a backyard adventure!

If You Give...というシリーズで他にもあるようです。レビューを見たところ有名な絵本なんですね!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
If a hungry little mouse shows up on your doorstep, you might want to give him a cookie. And if you give him a cookie, he'll ask for a glass of milk. He'll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn't have a milk mustache, and then he'll ask for a pair of scissors to give himself a trim…

If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
If you give a cat a cupcake, he'll ask for some sprinkles to go with it. When you give him the sprinkles, he might spill some on the floor. Cleaning up will make him hot, so you'll give him a bathing suit . . . and that's just the beginning!

If You Give a Moose a Muffin
If a big hungry moose comes to visit, you might give him a muffin to make him feel at home. If you give him a muffin, he'll want some jam to go with it. When he's eaten all your muffins, he'll want to go to the store to get some more muffin mix.

If You Give a Pig a Party
If you give a pig a party,she's going to ask for someballoons. When you give her the balloons, she'll want to decorate the house. When she's finished, she'll put on her favorite dress. Then she'll call all her friends -- Mouse, Moose, and more.


If You Take a Mouse to the Movies
The famous little mouse from the children's classic If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is back in another irresistible tale full of holiday antics. This time, if you take him to the movies, he'll ask you for some popcorn. If you give him the popcorn, he'll want to string it all together. Then he'll want to hang it on a Christmas tree.

If You Take a Mouse to School
If you take a mouse to school, he'll ask you for your lunch box. When you give him your lunch box, he'll want a sandwich to go in it. Then he'll need a notebook and some pencils. He'll probably want to share your backpack, too . . .

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Happy late new year!!

I've been feeling under the weather with a cold or viral gastroenteritis or whatever since the year end and while everybody was having a feast during the new year holidays I was able to eat next to nothing for more than four days :(
Since I had to take some medicine, I had to wean my daughter, which was kind of sad... But now I finally can sleep for long periods of time for the first time in two years!!!!! I realized how valuable sleep is!!! I feel like I can do anything XD
Anyway I feel much better now and we were able to celebrate my daughter's second birthday in good health!!
It's hard to believe she's two years old already!!
I hope that since the “terrible twos” arrived more than six months early, they will graciously adjust their departure accordingly...
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