30-day TED Challenge
Today I'm going to introduce about my friend's 30-day challenge!
It's watching one TED talk every day!
Here are TED talks that she has watched from 1st day to 15th day with her comments.
Please check them out if you are interested in. These made me want to try this challenge next time!! :)

Day 1
Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

My 30days challenge started with this TED talk. The most appropriate one for a start.
Beauty : Jewels and flowers come out of the mouth of the seraphic.
Nature : No one can have everything. But everyone can have extraordinary beauty and wonder of nature at any moment.
Gratitude : I have loved-ones who call my name.

Day 2 Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Not very inspiring one to me...
Watched a lot for training though.

Day 3 Less stuff, More happiness

It's December, so I've chosen this!

Day 4 Your body language shapes who you are

Always feeling like being lack of confidence, I should try this 2 mins posture!

Day 5 Free or cheap Wii Remote hacks

For me, it's just magic!
Field of Science, invention or computer related things.... All Greek to me.

Day 6 The history of our world in 18 minutes

Want to repeat it, cos
1: it's well-constructed and interesting talk I like. Attractive way of talk.
2: the history of this planet is always my favourite story✨

Day 7 Teach every child about food

Jamie Oliver's talk !
Watched this many times and this is very important issue. Eating is living.
We are what we eat.

Day 8 Why we love, why we cheat

Most curious topic ever!
Will repeat it now.

Day 9 The secret to desire in a long-term relationship

The speech went on the way I didn't expect, but feel like I watched one film.

Day 10 The transformative power of classical music

One of my favourite !
Super amazing ! Love it.

Can't stop repeating Jamie's talk! Addiction to British accent, truly my Achilles' heel🙈
Thirst for more TED of British people!

Day 11 How schools kill creativity

Great talk with full of humor! Love his talk but was hard to understand what he said.

Day 12 The best gift I ever survived

Her speech is simple but strong and I was so moved✨

Treasure house of knowledge,
Definition of TED. Way too wonderful :)

Day 13 The happy secret to better work

Nice& humorous.

Day 14 Jamie Oliver again!
Teach every child about food

Concentrate on his talk on Sunday's!

Day 15 How great leaders inspire action

Wow! Interesting! Learned a lot✨
I'll tell some entrepreneurs about it😊

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